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RIMS Driving School
Steering You to Success on the Road!

Welcome to RIMS Driving School, your first step towards confident and safe driving throughout NY! At RIMS, we're not just about teaching you to drive; we're about crafting skilled, responsible, and road-savvy drivers. Our expert instructors, comprehensive courses, and friendly approach make learning to drive an enjoyable and empowering experience.


Whether you're a nervous beginner, a seasoned driver looking to refresh your skills, or a young adult eager to hit the road, we tailor our lessons to suit your unique needs. Join us at RIMS Driving School, where we turn the journey of learning to drive into a memorable adventure, paving your way to freedom and confidence on the roads of New York and beyond. Buckle up, your driving success starts here!

Driving Lesson

NY State Mandated by DMV for ages 16 and up. Book your space now! Seating is limited.

Serving Ulster County, Dutchess County & Greene County for Over 10 Years

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