NY State Approved



If you are on this page there is a good chance you are ready for the next step to getting your NY State Driver's License.  My goal is to make that as easy as possible for you.  

The first step for anyone wanting to obtain a driver's license is to get a 

learner's permit.   Please visit the dmv's website where you can access the requirements for a learner permit, www. dmv.ny.gov

Once you have your permit, you will have to take a 5 Hour Pre License Class and that's where we come in.   The 5 Hour pre license class is mandatory no matter what age and even if you have held a license in the past.

Before Covid came along and changed all our lives, the 5 Hour Pre License Classes were held  at locations such as the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall, in Wappingers Falls, Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown and The Courtyard Marriott in Kingston, all current classes are only being held remotely using Zoom. 


The 5 Hour Pre License Class offered by RIMS is open to all NY State Permit Holders 16 years and older.  RIMS 5 Hour Pre License Class is licensed and approved by NY State DMV. 



 After class is completed the 5 Hour certificate (also known as an MV278)  is then mailed to the participant.  Most students will  receive their certificate within 2-3 days anywhere within NY State.




5 hour driving class in Poughkeepsie