5 Hour Pre License Class

Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of questions I get asked most frequently so you may just find your answer below.


What if I take the 5 Hour Pre license class and I fail?


The 5 Hour Driving Class is not graded.  You pass by showing up with your permit and smiley face :)


Do you offer driving lessons?


At this time we do not offer driving lessons.  I can offer you tips and advice but we are strictly classroom instruction only at this time.  


I took the 5 Hour Class but I lost my certificate what do I do?


This is not a problem, happens all the time.  We keep copies of all students certificates in our Saugerties office.  You can arrange to pick up a duplicate any day of the week in our office or at one of our mall classes


What do I need to bring to the 5 hour class?


You need to bring your permit to class.  We do take a lunch  break so you may wish to bring either a non refrigerated lunch or money to use at the food court



I took the class over a year ago but my certificate expired. Do I have to take it again?


Plain and simple- yes.  If a year passes by and you did not get your driver license then you have to take the course again.