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Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather

Winter poses many challenges for drivers; with fewer hours of daylight, we find ourselves commuting back and forth in darkness. Icy roads and heavy holiday traffic can also make it more stressful to get where you need to go. At RIMS Driving School, our goal is to ensure driver safety. By taking the necessary precautions and adjustments, you can enjoy a safer and more relaxing ride any season of the year.

Winterize Your Vehicle

New York is known for its cold, snowy winters, and many New Yorkers make 4-wheel drive a priority when purchasing a car. Whether or not you have 4-wheel drive, consider purchasing snow tires to help your car better weather the storm. It’s also important to make sure you maintain proper tire pressure, as temperature drops can cause tires to deflate. Cold weather also affects battery efficiency, spark plugs and other electrical systems of the vehicle; make sure to get your vehicle serviced to prevent these effects.

Be Prepared For Storms

Heeding storm warnings and staying home in the event of inclement weather is the best way to avoid accidents. If you must travel during a storm, or if there is a mild-moderate amount of snow that has not led to closures, it is crucial that you reduce speed, increase following distance and accelerate and decelerate slowly. Be sure to keep an emergency kit in your car that includes blankets, flashlights and water.

Plan for Extra Time

Winter can be a season of slow moving traffic, with increased incidents of accidents, drivers moving more slowly and cautiously, and of course holiday travel. Anticipate a slower commute and plan accordingly. Leaving a few minutes earlier than usual helps remove the stress of feeling hurried, and a more relaxed driver is ultimately a safer driver.


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