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I just got my learner's permit, now what?

Congratulations! Getting your learner's permit is your first step to the ultimate freedom. Having a driver's license means you can get where you need to go without having to depend on others.

So what do you have to do now?

For NY State Permit Holders:

Unless you are taking a drivers ed program through a college or high school, you will need to take a 5 Hour Pre License Class. The 5 Hour Pre License Class is mandated by the NY State DMV with the intention to educate all new drivers of basic rules of the road, driver safety, driver attitude and defensive driving techniques.

Not all 5 Hour classes are the same, the instructor is responsible for creating the curriculum and unfortunatley some are still teaching the same information and the same videos as they did 20 years ago. A lot has changed over the years, new laws, new dangers and also cars themsellves. That is why it is so important to choose the right course.

At the end of the class, you will recieve a 5 Hour Certificate which is also known by the DMV as Form MV278. You are now ready to schedule your road test (assuming you learned how to drive)

Please keep in mind that the average permit holder has to wait 4-6 weeks for the next available road test date. This is only because the appointments are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

The day of your road test you will need to arrive 30 minutes early. Make sure you are familiar with the vehicle you will be using and the vehicle has a current registration and inspection. The examiner will be wanting to review your paper work before the road test begins. You will need to bring with you your learner permit and your five hour certificate. If you are under 18 years of age you will need to bring with you a 50 Hour supervised drivers form signed by your parent or guardian.

Good Luck and Be Safe!

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